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The Civil War Zouave Database

Zouave Reading List and Bibliography

Here is a list of Zouave books that were instrumental in the construction of this website, as well as books about zouaves. E-mail

  • Zouaves: The First and the Bravest. Michael J. McAfee, Thomas Publications,Gettysburg, PA, 1991
  • Law's Alabama Brigade in the War Between the Union and the Confederacy. Laine, J. Gary and Penny, Morris M., White Mane Press, 1996.
  • From Huntsville to Appomattox: R. T. Coles's History of 4th Regiment, Alabama Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A., Army of Northern Virginia. Coles, R.T. & Stocker, Jeffrey(Editor), Univ. of Tennessee Press, 1996.
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  • American Civil War Confederate Army. Ron Field, Brassey's, Great Britain. 1998
  • Military Images Magazine Volume XXI Number 1, and Volume XIX Number 6. Ed. Harry Roach, Henryville, PA, 1998/1999.
  • Advance the Colors. Richard A. Sauers, Capital Preservation Committee, PA, 1987.
  • American Military Equipage ,1851-1872. Todd, Frederick P., Chatham Square Press, 1983.
  • Camp and Field Life of the 5th NY Vol. Inf. Alfred Davenport, Dick and Fitzgerald, New York, NY, 1879.
  • We Came to Fight:5th New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry, 1863-1865. Patrick A. Schroeder Publications, Brookneal, VA, 1997.
  • The 9th Regt. NY Volunteers (Hawkins' Zouaves). Lieut. Matthew J. Graham, Vanberg Publishing, Lancaster, OH, 1998
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  • Don Troiani's Civil War. Don Troiani & Brian Pohanka, Stackpole, Mechanicsburg, PA, 1995.
  • Charlie's Civil War: A Private's Trial by Fire in the 5th and 146th New York Zouaves. Charles B. Livingstone, Thomas Publications, Gettysburg, PA, 1997.
  • A Duryee Zouave by Thomas Southwick, Schroeder Publications, Brookneal, VA, 1996.
  • Civil War Soldier Life: In Camp and Battle by George F. Williams (of the 5th and 146th NY)--Schroeder Publications 1998
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  • Un visite au camp de Chalons sous le Second Empire. de Messieurs Le Gray, Prevot..., musee de l'Armee, Paris, France, 1997.

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