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Reenacting Units and Unit History Links By State

15th AL Inf., Co G
16th AL Inf., Co. A
19th AL Inf.
33rd AL Inf.
48th AL Inf., Co. C

3rd AR Inf.
7th AR Inf., Co I
19th AR Inf.

8th CT Inf.
2nd CT Heavy Artillery, Battery I

2nd DE Inf., Co. A
3rd DE Artillery

2nd FL Cavalry & Horse Artillery
Milton Light Artillery, Battery A

D Company, 2nd Regt. Confederate Engineer Corps. (Based in Georgia, but do events throughout the South!)
5th GA Cav.(History Page)
3rd GA Inf., Co. G
8th GA Inf.
32nd GA Inf.(History Page)
12th Battalion GA Light Artillery
14th GA Light Artillery, Battery A
14th GA Light Artillery, Battery B

9th IL Inf.
37th IL Inf., Co B
55th IL Inf.
59th IL Inf., Co D
74th IL Inf.
1st IL Light Artillery, Battery A
1st ILLINOIS Light Artillery, Battery B Taylor's Battery!
2nd IL Light Artillery, Battery G

7th IN Cav.
6th IA Inf., Co A
9th IN Inf., Co E
11th IN Inf.(Wallace's Zouaves)
12th Indiana Inf., Co. F (History and Reenacting)
17th IN Inf.(based in Montana)
19th IN Inf., Co A
35th IN Inf., Co. A (First Irish Regt.)
38th IN Inf., Co. D
49th IN Inf., Co F
18th IN Light Volunteer Artillery(Lilly's Battery)
18th IN Light Artillery(Philip's Legion)

Idaho Civil War Volunteers (Various units based in Idaho)

3rd IA Cav.
5th IA Cav.
39th IA Inf.
3rd Battery IA Light Artillery

7th KS Cav.
1st KS Volunteer Inf.
3rd KS Artillery, Battery B

1st KY Cavalry & Horse Artillery.
2nd KY Cav., Co. D
1st KY Volunteer Inf., Co E (CSA)
1st KY Artillery

5th LA Inf., Co. G
6th LA Inf., Co. G(Lancaster, PA)
18th LA Inf.
1st LA Artillery
Washington Artillery, 5th Co.

1st ME Cav.
3rd ME Inf.,Co A
5th ME Inf.
20th ME Inf., Co. A (Oregon)
20th ME Inf., Co B
20th ME Inf., Co. E
20th ME Inf., Co F
20th ME Inf., Co G
20th ME Inf., Co. H
1st ME Heavy Art

1st MD Inf., CSA 1st MD Inf., USA
2nd MD Inf., CSA, Co. A
7th MD Inf., USA, Co. A
1st MD Art., CSA, Steurt's Brigade

1st MA Cav., Co B
2nd MA Cav., Co A
10th MA Inf.
20th MA Inf., Co D
20th MA Inf.(Harvard Regiment)
22nd MA Infantry
28th MA Inf., Co A, C & H
54th MA Inf, Co. B (Maryland)
54th MA Inf, Co I (South Carolina)
2nd MA Lt. Art (Nims Battery)
5th MA Lt. Art, Battery E
6th MA Lt. Art
9th MA Lt. Art Battery
10th MA Lt. Art

1st MI Colored Inf.(102nd USCT)
2nd MI Inf., Co. A
2nd MI InF.
3rd MI Inf., Co A
4th MI Inf., Co. A
4th MI Inf., Co. G, "Tecumseh Volunteers"
5th MI Regimental Band
7th MI Inf., Co B
8th MI Inf.
17th MI Inf., Co. E
24th MI Inf.
24th MI Inf., Co C
1st MI Light Art., 3rd Battery(Battery C)
1st MI Light Art., Battery D

1st Minnesota
1st Minnesota Infantry, Co D

7th Mississippi Infantry
9th Mississippi Infantry
9th Mississippi Infantry, Company A, "Corinth Rifles"
14th Mississippi Infantry
15th Mississippi Infantry
17th Mississippi Infantry
26th Mississippi Infantry
31st Mississippi Infantry
32nd Mississippi, Co. C
32nd Mississippi, Co. G
34th Mississippi Infantry
35th Mississippi Infantry
41st Mississippi Infantry
46th Mississippi Infantry, Co. E
Stanford's Mississippi Battery

4th MO Infantry 6th MO Inf. CSA, Co. A
1st MO Artillery, Battery K
1st MO Artillery, Battery M
Jackson Light Artillery
MO Light Artillery, Battery B
Guibor's MO Artillery, MO State Guard

1st Nebraska Infantry, Co A

Nevada Civil War Volunteers (Various Units based in Nevada)

1st NH Cav, Co K
5th NH Inf.

2nd NJ Brigade
3rd NJ Inf
11th NJ Inf, Co E
8th NJ Inf
12th NJ Inf
14th NJ Inf, Co. H
14th NJ., Co. K
15th NJ Inf, Co A
15th NJ Inf, Co E
33rd NJ Inf
1st NJ Art, Battery A
1st NJ Art, Battery B


7th NY Cav, Co. A
9th NY Cav, Co F
15th NY Cav
5th NY Veteran Inf., Duryée's Zouaves
5th NY Inf, Duryée's Zouaves, Co. A
9th NY Inf, Hawkin's Zouaves
14th Brooklyn(84th NY/14th NYSM) Co. E
37th NY Inf., The "Irish Rifles" History Page
43rd NY Inf
44th NY Field Hospital
44th NY Inf., Co. D(California)
44th NY Inf., Co. E
55th NY Inf. - Garde Lafayette (France)
56th NY Inf
61st NY Inf, Co. C
69th NY Inf, Co C
78th New York Infantry(Cameron Highlanders)
79th NY Inf, Co. B
79th NY Inf, Co. A - Virginia
79th NY Inf, Co. A - California
86th NY Inf
111th NY Inf. History Page
115th NY Inf, Co. A
117th NY Inf
124th NY Inf (Orange Blossoms)
134th NY Inf
137th NY Inf, Co. F
140th NY Inf.
144th NY Inf
155th NY Inf, Co I
1st NY Lt. Art, Battery I
1st NY Lt. Art, Battery L
3rd NY Art, Battery B

18th NC Infantry, Co. A (PA)
22nd NC Infantry (PA)
13th NC Inf.
26th NC Inf.
49th NC Infantry/3rd NC Cavalry
Thomas' North Carolina Legion
1st NC Artillery
1st NC Art, Battery A
3rd NC Art
10th NC Art, Battery C
13th NC Art, Battery D

7th and 11th OH Cav
5th OH Inf, Co. E
6th OH Inf
8th OH Inf, Co B
29th OH Inf
63rd OH Inf, Co. G
73rd OH Inf.
91st OH Inf, Co B
121st OH Infantry, Co H
125th OH Infantry
1st OH Lt. Art, Battery A
1st OH Lt. Art, Battery I (Dilger's Battery)
1st OH Lt. Art, Battery L

First OR Volunteer Cavalry
1st OR Inf.

6th PA Cavalry, Co A,C,G (Rush's Lancers)
17th PA Cavalry, Co E
1st PA Reserves, Co. B
9th PA Reserves, Co. A
9th PA Reserves, Co. A (Member's site)
23rd PA Inf. Birney's Zouaves
26th PA Inf.
28th PA Inf., Co. C
40th PA Inf.
42nd PA Inf. (Bucktails / 1st PA Rifles)
50th PA Inf., Co. E
53rd PA Inf., Co. C
61st/23rd PA Inf., Incorporated.
Co. F, 61st PA Inf.
63rd PA Inf.
69th PA Inf., Co. D
71st PA Inf (California Regiment)
78th PA Infantry, Co. F
81st PA Inf., Co. K
83rd PA Inf., Co. K
87th PA Inf.
88th PA Inf., Co. A
95th PA Inf., Co. C
97th PA Inf.
98th PA Inf, Co A
101st PA Inf., Co. A
104th PA Inf., Co. C
105th PA Inf., Co. E The Wildcat Regiment!
110th PA Inf.
114th PA Inf., Co. A Zouaves d'Afrique (Southern PA/MD/NJ/VA) My Unit!
114th PA, Co. A (California, our brothers in arms, and of the THE BEST Western units!!)
116th PA Inf., Co. I (Pittsburgh)
139th PA Inf., Co. F
142nd PA Inf., Co. G
148th PA Inf.
149th PA Inf.
150th PA Inf., Co. F, Bucktails
211th PA Inf.
Pennsylvania Volunteer Artillery, Independent Battery D
1st PA Light Artillery, Battery B
1st PA Light Artillery, Battery F
1st PA Artillery, 43rd Regiment PA Volunteers
3rd PA Light Artillery, Battery B

2nd RI Infantry, Co. F
1st RI Light Artillery, Battery B
1st RI Light Artillery, Battery B

3rd Company Battalion of Sharpshooters (Nevada)
1st SC Infantry USCT
10th SC Infantry
23rd SC Infantry
1st SC Artillery
German Light Artillery
Palmetto Light Artillery
18th SC Light Siege Artillery

7th TN Cav. CSA, co. F
1st TN Inf. Co. H, CSA (Nevada)
6th TN Inf. CSA, Co G
44th TN Inf. CSA
47th TN Inf. CSA
52nd TN Inf.CSA
Huwald's Tennessee Mountain Howitzer Battery
Bankhead's Battery
Lookout Light Artillery
Morton's Battery, Forrest's Cavalry Corps

12th TX Cavalry
37th TX Cavalry
4th TX Infantry, Co E (Lone Star Guards)
4th TX Inf, Co C
1st TX Light Art., Battery H
4th TX Art.
Douglas' TX Battery

2nd VT Inf., Co. E
Vermont Civil War Reenacting

2nd VA Cav., Co. A
9th VA Cav., Co B
3rd VA Inf., Co. A-K
4th VA Inf., Co. I
5th VA Inf., Co. A
5th VA Inf., Co. F (France)
7th VA Inf., Co D
8th VA Inf., Co. C
16th VA Inf.
21st VA Inf., Co. F
22nd Virginia Infantry (Southern PA/Maryland)
23rd VA Inf., Co. A-K
24th VA Inf.
32nd VA Inf.
33rd VA Inf., Co A & Rockbridge Artillery
37th VA Inf., Co. K
38th VA Inf., Co F (Davis Rifle Guards)
42nd VA Inf., Co I (Campbell Guards)
46th VA Inf., Co F
49th VA Inf.
57th VA Inf., Co. E

7th WV Inf.(7th VA Inf., USA)
Kanawha Artillery, CSA

2nd Wisconsin Infantry, Co. C
26th Wisconsin Infantry
33rd Wisconsin Infantry
1st Wisconsin Light Artillery, Battery B
5th Wisconsin Light Artillery Battery

2nd US Cav, Co A
4th US Cav
1st US Inf, Co's A & D
2nd US Inf, Co. C
4th US Inf, Co C
4th US Inf, Co. I
1st US Light Art, Bty I
2nd US Horse Art, Bty A
2nd US Artillery, Bty B
2nd US Horse Art, Bty A
2nd US Art, Bty C
3rd US Field Art, Batteries L & M
4th US Lt Art, Bty B
5th US Artillery, Battery D

3rd Regiment of Engineers, Co. E

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  • Ruff n' Readys Mess
  • Pumkin Patch Mess

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  • The United States Volunteers
  • Tri-State Reenactors Association
  • The First Illinois Battalion
  • The Mifflin Guard, USA
  • The National Regiment, USA
  • 1st Confederate Battalion
  • Archer's Brigade, CSA
  • Longstreet's Corps
  • First Division, Army of Northern Virginia
  • The Breckinridge Battalion, CSA

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  • Grand Old Army Uniform Reproductions The OFFICIAL Uniform Supplier of the 114th PA, Co. A (Gettysburg)
  • CJ Daley Historical Reproductions
  • Stony Brook Sutlery
  • Myrtle Avenue Clothiers
  • Historic Clothiers
  • The Jersey Skillet Licker
  • S&S Sutler
  • Dell's Leather Works
  • Servant & Co.
  • Regimental Quartermaster, Inc.
  • S.G. Marinos Sutler
  • Grand Illusions Clothing Company
  • Blockade Runner Sutlery
  • Coon River Mercantile
  • Fall Creek Sutler
  • Mercury Sutlery
  • Gideon Flag Reproductions
  • The Quartermaster Shop
  • Muddy Gap Sutlery
  • Antique Gun
  • Williams and Son Mercantile

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    Civil War Women Links

  • Civil War Vivandieres and Daughters of the Regiment

  • Nineteeth Century Dress Reform

  • Female Nurses of the Civil War

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    Reenacting and Living History Links

  • Living-History Cam
  • Reenactors World Plus
  • Reenactor.Net
  • Abraham Lincoln Camps - Living History
  • The Gray-Blue Gazette.
  • The Perry County Reenactors' Society
  • The California Historical Artillery Society
  • Reenacting.Com
  • The Authentic Campaigner
  • The Civil War Soldier
  • Mike Sly's Living Histroy Portraits.

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    Civil War and History Links

    Shaun Grenan's  Zouave Database
  • Shaun Grenan's Zouave Database
  • The American Civil War Homepage
    Get Civil War Books
  • Schroeder Publications. Publishers of such fine books as "We Came to Fight", the history of the 5th NY Veteran Zouaves!
  • Civil War Mysteries Galleries of Unidentified Soldier photos.
  • Pennsylvania Regimental Histories
  • Sue Greenhagen's New York in the Civil War site
  • Michigan Infantry Regiments of the Civil War
  • The Confederate Site of America
  • Cornell University's Making of America
  • The American War Library Reference Center.
  • E-History.Com
  • Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
  • Wicked Spring, a Civil War Film by Kevin R. Hershberger, of Lionheart Films.

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    Civil War Museum and Park Links

  • New Market Hall of Valor Museum
  • Cedar Creek Battlefield Park
  • Fort Ward Museum, Alexandria, Va
  • National Civil War Museum(Harrisburg, PA)
  • The Civil War at Endview Plantation
  • Lee Hall Mansion
  • Virginia War Museum
  • 1862 Peninsula Campaign

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    Art Gallery and Artists Links

  • Historical Impressions, the Art of Mark Maritato. Mark has a number of GREAT Zouave and Chasseur prints available!
  • The Fine Art of Gary Casteel Featuring Monument Replicas, Limited Edition Prints, and Bronzework!!!
  • Four Winds Studio and Gallery Featuring the Monuments of the Battlefield scultped by Gary Casteel!!!
  • Cranston Military Art Prints

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    Birney's Division Links

  • Birney's Division Main Page!
  • 7th MD, USA, Co. A
  • 41st OH, Co. ?
  • 54th OH, Co. I 2nd Ohio Zouaves!
  • 9th PA Reserves, Co. A
  • 23rd PA Inf., Co. F
  • 54th PA, Co. A
  • 62nd PA, Co. D
  • 97th PA, Co. B
  • 105th PA, Co. E The Wildcat Regiment!
  • 114th PA, Co. AZouaves d'Afrique(my unit, THE best zouaves in the hobby!)
  • 145th PA, Co. A
  • 147th PA, Co. G
  • 155th PA, Co. H
  • 7th WV(7th VA, US)
  • 2nd WI, Co. C

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